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I replaced that 3 iron with a 3 hybrid with @ 210 carry distance. It is more versatile and reliable and can be knocked down quite effectively. 


Just put the 3 iron back in the bag. The 3 hybrid has just been annoying me as of late and I have been hitting the 3 iron on the screws. It's probably all in my head, but it just feels so much better to hit the iron. Don't worry, the 2 hybrid is staying in the bag. 

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It would seem like the reason for changing the loft is less to "stroke egos" than due to clubs being able to get the ball in the air easier with new technology, both in club head design and shaft set up. I don't care if it takes me an 8i to go 150 or 9i as long as the ball flight is good and the distance is consistent.

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Some good reading in this thread - sorry I'm late to the party.


A couple of thoughts to add. Bear in mind that I'm coming to this from a starting assumption that it would make sense just to have straight 4* gaps through the irons - which is what I believe was the "traditional" (as in pre-1970s) standard, and also that I know the way in which short iron lofts have been squeezed by manufacturers for "extra" distance.


First point. I have some "classic" era sets of irons - Mizunos and Hogans. In both cases, there's a loft spread of 30 degrees from 2i to PW (ie 8 gaps). Regardless of what loft you set the PW at, it would still have been possible to cover the gaps between clubs in a much more evenly spaced increment. So, I'm inclined to think there's more to this than simply "loft creep". Both sets have a 5* gap between 9 and PW (and a larger gap between PW and SW), 4* gaps through the other short and mid irons, and 3* between long irons. Between 2 iron and 1 iron (should you want to go there) - you'll find only 2*, at least with Mizuno. You might think there's some logic to that pattern - smaller gaps between long irons, larger gaps between shorter irons. Both companies could have gone with much more even gaps (and Hogan lofts were stated to 0.5*), but didn't. The question is why?


Do changes in loft have a more pronounced effect when loft is lower? (assuming you have enough clubhead speed to launch the ball properly).

Or is it easier to finesse in-between yardages with short irons?


Second point. Supposing you don't like the gaps in your current set. Is it straightforward to adjust them? I don't mean physically - I have a loft/lie machine and it's no problem at least with forged irons. I question whether the weight distribution designed into an iron is specific to the intended loft. I think, when you bend a club weaker, at the same time you are lowering the CoG. I bent my Hogans to 4* gaps, and I bent the 2 iron 2.5* weak and the PW 2* weak into the bargain. The long irons became (duh) much easier to launch - but I also found some clubs that I felt ballooned ridiculously. Could have been me - could have been a flip. Or maybe there's a limit to how far from original spec you can depart before the dynamics of the club are dramatically impaired. 


I've just bent my Hogan's back to original spec - and will see how I get on. Obviously, I'm expecting to see extra distance out of most irons - but I'm curious to see whether I have a "better" ballflight.

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I've gotten performance from my Cleveland TA-5s gunmetal irons: 5-iron (27°), 6-iron (30°), 7-iron (33.5°), 8-iron (37°), 9-iron (41°), PW (45°). I dumped the 3-iron (21°) and 4-iron (24°) from the set and opted to not get the D-wedge (50°) and SW (55°) that were optional because I already had 588 gunmetal wedges GW (51°) and SW (57°) that I really liked. So I really only use the PW for full shots. I chip and pitch, and hit < 80 yard shots with the 51° 588 wedge. I have a Ping G25 4-hybrid (23°), a Ping G20 4-wood (16.5°) that are my distance clubs and I can pretty much cover any type of "long shots" with these two clubs.
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All this heady discussion from real golfers has crushed my self esteem. I will now go play my xbox.
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Originally Posted by Always an 80 View Post

All this heady discussion from real golfers has crushed my self esteem. I will now go play my xbox.

Hey at least your a better golfer on xbox then all these guys are in real life.

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I have Wilson Staff Ci9 irons that I just cut down 2 inches short (1 inch from where they were) and the lofts are 44-23 pw-4 iron. I am looking to make them more accurate rather than long, thus the shorting, and was wondering how I should edit the lofts. Im thinking maybe weakening them 1 or 2 degrees, how would that affect distance and playability?

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