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do the reduce the feel of your putter?

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Echoing glock here. I was in a store playing around and searching for anything to improve my horrendous putting. I saw the superstroke and tried it a little and actually enquired about it because the putts were dropping and I could feel by bigger muscles working. As a far as I am concerned, putting is as much a mental thing as a feel thing. I could not get over how ridiculous it looks, not to mention I had to wrestle it out of my stand bag.


I ended up settling for a Winn Jumbo grip. Its slightly smaller, tapered and more normal looking, in addition to not being as obnoxious with the massive lettering across it. Been gaming this for a month or so and it feels great. I like the quietness in my hands but most of all I think the change has given me some fresh confidence. And at around 10 bucks, I would def. recommend it.

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Thanks, do you still get good feedback from your putter?

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My putter still has a great feel to it, even on short putts, and I have no problems with long putts.  Like vikramraju, I was a little turned off by the size and shape of the Super Stroke, but I liked the feel, size, and taper of the Tiger Shark.  Never got a chance to try the Winn versions, but I imagine they are very close to the Tiger Shark. Putting, along with the wedges, is easily the best part of my game right now.  And I'd like to think that having better confidence in my putting has a little to do with that.    

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I see the Super Stroke debate has been around for 3 years now...

I had been using a long (48") putter but thought I was beginning to lose "touch."

My putts just seemed dull  so I started experimenting with old putters w/ new grips.

I put a TigerShark on an old Ping Anser... not bad but 'paddle' front limited my feel.

I then read blog about using reverse taper grip for left hand low putting.

I do putt cross handed so I looked first at the Super Stroke & SS Slim.

Really not what I wanted, especially not the huge SuperStroke original.

I then mounted a Super Stroke Ultra Slim on an Odessey DFX blade...

Amazing difference, suddenly the ability to match my speed to the putts was back.

No longer was I 3-4 foot short on 20 footers or 3 foot by on 15 footers.

My percentage of "gimmees"  is way up. I now expect to be close on all my putts.

Just a matter of getting that final few inches of break toward the hole rather than away.

Hard to explain the feel but somehow the reverse taper aligns my hands better.

Both hands feel balanced and part of the putting stroke... no one hand dominating.

The ultra slim also has none of the awkwardness of the original SStroke.

Plus Ultra Slim actually fits in the bag !

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I was tempted to get one of these when I got my putter cut down last week but I went with a Winn mid sized one instead so it would not be that huge of a change.  I like the mid size a lot more than standard though.

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Let us know what you end up with!

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I just bought one of these putter grips.... Love it, so far I feel like I'm making more of the 8'-15' putts.. I feel like more of my lag putts are getting so much closer to the hole. And I have more confidence that I can make more of my putts. I does take my hands of of the putting stroke, and i feel more arms.


On a side note my playing partner says it look like I'm holding a Male body part.. ( not sure if can say that word on here..LOL)

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