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  1. 2016 is just around the corner....So what are your golfing goals for next year? How are you going to go about achieving them?
  2. Product Name:GolfTags Product Type: Customized Ball Marking Stencil Product Website/URL: http://www.customgolftags.com/ Cost: $35 Ratings (out of 5): Quality: 2 Value: 2 Effectiveness: 2 Durability: 2 (first impression, will increase the score if it is more durable than I think it is) Esthetic Appeal: 1 Link to Discussion Thread   My Member Review GolfTag is a customized ball marking stencil made by 3D printing. You submit a picture and they work with it to make a design that works within the limitations of the manufacturing process. Once the design is finalized, they make it and you have a stencil that allows you to mark your golf ball in your own unique pattern. It's a pretty simple concept and I was excited for the opportunity to try it out. The design process was quick and easy for me (the hardest part was actually deciding on the design itself). Once I had my picture, I submitted it to them and they were prompt with their response. It wasn't long before I had approved a design for the final product, it was made, and then shipped to my house. Unfortunately, I was not impressed with the product itself. It's made from a really thin plastic that looked like it could break fairly easily. In fact, I squeezed it a bit on one side to test it and I heard something crack. While I didn't find any visible signs of damage, I have been handling it fairly carefully since. The company has assured me that it is durable and can withstand the trauma of being inside a golf bag. I will see how it fares in mine during the season. Durability was not my only concern. The whole product has an unfinished quality to it. There are rough edges around the sides and globs of excess polymer all over the bottom of it. The top surface has these odd ring formations which I'm assuming comes from the printing process. That's purely cosmetic and shouldn't affect the function. The stencil itself however is not as clean and detailed as I would have liked. My design was a simple formation of 5-point stars. The stars themselves are odd looking - they're not symmetrical, the points aren't even, and there is excess material in them that shouldn't be there. In terms of function, it does exactly what it is supposed to do. It was very easy to get on and off of a golf ball, requiring little force. I was able to use an ultrafine sharpie (per the instructions on their website) and trace out every nook and cranny of the stencil. Unfortunately, since the stencil was less than perfect, it meant my stars were less than perfect. Also it did slide a bit on me when I was marking. It didn't mess up my design at the time, but it could have. I pay more attention to how I hold it now. I could end my review here and be generally unhappy with the product. However, I took out my micro file set and modified it. First, I cleaned up the stars on the stencil. Then I smoothed out the rough edges on the bottom. Finally, I filed down the excess polymer. The whole process probably took about 30 minutes. Once I did that, I liked it much better. The durability of it still remains a question mark, but I'm going to let it be part of my golf accessories and see how it fares. The whole thing cleaned up pretty nicely and easily, though my design is pretty simple and therefore was easy to fix. More complicated stencils might pose a greater challenge. The whole process left me wondering why it wasn't done before I received it. The GolfTag that I received felt like it was still in a raw stage of production. The one I have now feels much closer to finished, though it could probably use some more filing and a couple of thin coats of polymer just to touch it up (which I won't do). You'll see in the picture below, the marking made with the original tag on the left compared to the one I made after I modified it on the right. Overall, I feel the GolfTag (as is) is an unfinished product with durability concerns and design limitations. I can see it being improved upon in the future, but in its current incarnation, I am unsatisfied with the product. I would not be happy if I paid $35 for it and it is unlikely that I would recommend it to anyone else, either.
  3. GAME Golf has unveiled the new Strokes Gained feature on their site. You can read more about it here: https://gamegolf.desk.com/customer/en/portal/articles/2198476. But basically… My stats… My Smart Tips… A few very quick comments: I'm a bit of an odd case. I wonder if I have been marking my short game shots as being farther from the hole than they are (I edit most holes after each round).* I'm -4 in the last 10 rounds on some courses that aren't exactly "easy." So that's good. I only have one shot from 225-250 from the left rough. I guess the software simply couldn't find much to improve (relative to a scratch golfer). I haven't had any three-putts in my last 10 rounds (many of which are only nine holes). So the advice to practice my long putts is a bit odd. * Regarding that… let's put it this way. If I mark a short game shot as going to seven feet and then make the putt, when in reality I hit it to four feet and made the putt, I would see my strokes gained "improve" for the short game and "decline" for putting. So I wonder if I've been doing that, because my short game has been pretty good lately. Anyway… Share your GG Strokes Gained data and Smart Tips! Let's see 'em!
  4. Product Name: Custom Golf Tags Product Type: Customizable Ball Marking Aid Product Website: http://www.customgolftags.com Cost: $35 Reviewers: @billchao, @Club Rat, myself. This discussion thread is for Members to share their design, consultation, initial and ongoing impressions, and to answer questions by others for Custom Golf Tags, a unique way of creating custom ball marking templates. @scottyarcy, I'll tag you in here as well, as you can discuss and design each of the two other tags remaining with these guys so that others will be able to see what the process entails. Guys, start designing!
  5. A few days ago we booked our spring break trip for Penn-State Behrend (I'm the men's and women's golf coach). Six team members and myself are going. @NCGolfer may join for a round or two (he's an alum). We're playing… GOLF ITINERARY 12:04 12:12 Barefoot Norman 10:04 10:12 Barefoot Love 10:04 10:12 Barefoot Dye 08:00 08:10 Caledonia 01:30 01:40 True Blue 10:04 10:12 Barefoot Fazio Caledona and True Blue are on the same day. Looking forward to it! I've played most of the Barefoot courses, but haven't yet been to C/TB. Which Barefoot course does anyone here like most? Who here has played Caledonia/True Blue?
  6. Share any good swing videos of pro golfers that you come across. Can be from any tour. Lots of pro's swings on our YouTube channel. The Sand Trap YouTube      
  7. Product Name: "The Navigator" by Dirty Larry Golf Product Type: Putting Training Aid Product Website/URL: https://www.dirtylarrygolf.com/buy-best-putting-aids/ Cost: $50 to $60 Ratings (out of 5): Quality: 5 Value: 5 Effectiveness: 5 Durability: 4 Esthetic Appeal: 5 Link to Discussion Thread: My Member Review - The Navigator The Navigator – priced at $59.95 or for $49.95 using the code ONETIME and they ship it for free. When the Navigator became available for an opportunity to review, I had no idea how much fun and the benefit of using a simple putting aid would be. I would first like to thank Dirty Larry Golf and TST for providing the Navigator to members. Information from - https://www.dirtylarrygolf.com/ website indicate “We’re not your average golf company. Dirty Larry Golf is breaking the mold, and we’re damn proud to be doing it all in the USA. We’re on a mission to grow the game.”   FEATURES: • Attaches to any putter • Adjustable for any lie angle • Ultra lightweight • Works for both right and left handed players • Available in three colors • Easy to assemble and attach • 100 % Made in USA   LASER FREE, BATTERY FREE, HASSLE FREE AND FREE USA SHIPPING   A quote from online users reviews revel “The real training comes from the alignment rods and what they do to increase visual awareness and acuity. We built the Navigator to train your eyes, and not to force any huge stroke changes. The benefits received from continued use will build confidence and improve your ability to aim the putter face where you want to, and return it to square at impact.”   Even the package is unique with beautiful artwork, a pricey engraved - jewelry styled box container. When I was opening it, I felt like there could possibly be rods, studded with diamond points. First thing you notice when opening the package is the pride Dirty Larry Golf has manufacturing the product in USA, with Red, White and Blue confetti and the logo "Made in America - Home of Dirty Larry"  I already like his style. Next beware, you'll see “Skull and Crossed Bones indicating DANGER” and a crucial message one must not ignore. It also boasts the bold statement to “Live Clean. Play Dirty - that golf is more than just a game, it’s a way of life.”   The Navigator, looks like a precision instrument with adjustable height / angle and two different length rods which a user may choose how to configure to their likeness. A user can place the longer rod at the front or rear and vise-versa with the shorter rod. With the tilting lever, a user can position the rod in any manner they deem. The Navigator itself weighs 1.2 Oz   I like the feature to have the pointing rods directly over the ball in a closer proximity for alignment. Using the longer pointer up front at a low position just above the ball, it provided an exercise for my putting stroke, which indicated when I would elevate the putter too quickly. The pointer would make contact to the top of the ball. I would then practice making a level stroke take away. Next I would reposition the pointer and work on maintaining a straight path. I started practicing indoors daily after receiving the Navigator on my Putting Challenge / Ultimate Edition indoor putting green which I’ve owned for many years. Also, SavvySweede gave me the idea to use a laser light as an additional guide in my practice. The light beam provided a true line for setup, my stroke path and the path of the ball rolling towards the target. Using a new slow motion video app, SloPro helped in reviewing of my putting stroke. Using the laser beam is also great as it shows multiple lighted points on the Navigator and putter at address. With the laser and slow motion video, I could see the ball roll online or off and was better to review my stroke as it shows the flaws I will address and practice to make corrections. Videos can be seen in the discussion thread. At first after practicing with the Navigator, I had a slight transition period putting without the Navigator visual aid. I probably should practice putting a few minutes both with and then without before playing. My first round after practicing was under winter conditions didn't provide a practical means for a judgment.  With goose turd’s, ball marks, very wet greens and playing a course that had severe undulating greens, there were many distractions. But I felt like on several occasions, I did benefit from practicing with the Navigator. On one three footer I made, I imagined the pointer at the center of the hole in my subconscious before the putt.  After only a few short weeks of practice and play, I now feel I made an unconscious, slight change /adjustment in short putts. As with any putt, aim, speed, a good stroke and confidence will usually produce a good result. I feel the Navigator has benefitted both my aim and stroke and will boost my confidence which is a priority practice routine when working on my putting. As stated “it is absolutely CRUCIAL to your success with the Navigator training aid, start from 3 feet.” While there are many Pro’s and Con’s of many golf related products, the end results often vary for everyone, may and will differ. While most putting strokes can be “classified into a few general categories (strong arc, slight arc, straight back/straight through), every golfer moves their putter from Point A to Point B a different way.” I’ll give the Dirty Larry Golf “Navigator” thumbs up for being a product which I’ve found useful and effective after use and for developing a better practice routine.   Many thanks once again Dirty Larry Golf, it’s been a great experience and benefit.
  8. For those of you who don't already know about GAME Golf, they  became the industry leader in developing shot tracking technology and statistical analysis for the amateur golfer with the release of the GAME Golf Classic in 2014. A GPS shot tracking device paired with individual club tags which allowed the golfer the track every shot with every club during their round which over time would build into long term stats which the golfer could track to help improve their games.  The original tags were screwed into the the players grips for easy contact with the GPS belt unit. The tags being exposed led to them being slowly worn at the bottom of the bag and could occassional become dislodged from golfers fighting with uncooperative dividers in their golf bags. Ever since I purchased my GAME Golf system last year I had a feeling something like this was going to be in the works sooner or later. Turns out sooner came sooner than I thought. GAME Golf in partnership with Golf Pride released their new Tech Enabled GAME Golf grips at this years PGA Merchandise show. GAME Golf CEO Johjn McGuire and Golf Pride President James Ledford announce the grip to the public     First images from the announcement. The grips come in Golf Pride's classic Tour velvet style grip. The Tour velvet is the gold standard of golf grips and the most commonly used grip on the PGA Tour. The Tech Enabled grips grips take the classic Tour Velvet design and adds a specialized butt cap section for installation of the GAME Golf tag. The butt cap is emblazoned with the GAME Golf brand and highlighted with their classic red. The Tech Enabled grips replace the original screw-in tags with a seamless grip system that allows the chip to be installed more securely, discreetly, and offers greater protection from bag wear. The chips can also be more easily transferred between sets for those who have more than one set of clubs for travel without wearing out the holes in the the top of the grip. The final and most obvious benefit is the improved looks as the club retains more of it's original look as the tag no longer protrudes. Close up video of the tags and how they are installed   The grips will also send notifications for when you would ideally re-grip each club. So the clubs you use the most often will notify you what percentage of life they have left and how long you can wait to re-grip clubs you might not use as often. So instead of replacing your whole set of grips at once you'll know know which grips still have life in them and which ones are past their expiration. No pricing details/packages available just yet. You can expect to see those in March.
  9. Here's the link: http://www.amazon.com/Srixon-Q-Star-Balls-1-Dozen-White/dp/B00B1MZ22C/ref=gbps_tit_s-3_0842_845b76eb?ie=UTF8&qid=1453152633&sr=8-3&keywords=srixon+golf+balls&smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_p=2338600842&pf_rd_s=slot-3&pf_rd_t=701&pf_rd_i=gb_main&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_r=002EBB7XZ7E71K1YEWCP
  10. Hi, (Skip to final paragraph for main topic.) So I'm new to golf, but not completely. I do have some experience at the range and used to play about 4 times a year whilst in high school, I don't have an official handicap either. Since the end of last year I have been very interested in golf and enjoy the sport way more than I used to in the past. Going to the range and hitting a few balls feels relaxing and enjoyable thus I want to get more into the sport. Now, gear...I went for a club fitting (irons) at my local golf shop (Cape Town) where we tested a few brands, shafts ect. He fitted me with a club and changed the shaft and there we were, something that I could hit easily and felt great/consistent. The club was a Mizuno JPX 850 with a Dynamic Gold X100 shaft, it felt very good. Avg. stats with the club: 6 iron, club head speed 100mph, ball speed 133mph back spin ~5000rpm. So these Mizunos felt great and the club fitter advised me that I have a good swing and should get a set of clubs that would suit a wide variety of handicaps as I might improve quick. I would like some suggestions of cheaper alternative clubs to the Mizuno JPX 850 irons which cost R10 000.00, I'm on a budget of R6 000.00 so something 60% of their value but with the same feel would be perfect! Thank you in advance :) Moderator, please delete my double post, the lag was strong
  11. Not exactly a novel idea, but wanting to try out the Country Club Elite/Real Feel golf mats, I have ordered their "mini" hitting strip which is 10 x 18. The plan is to cut out a rectangle of my 36 x 60 All turf Monster Mat and make an inlay. Mostly to see if there is any real difference (pardon the pun) without causing significant damage to my mat (which has held up very well by the way). Got it on ebay (best offer) for $29 and free shipping.
  12. 2016 TST Partner GAME GOLF is excited to kick off 2016 with two AWESOME contests: #1: WIN AN IN-PERSON LESSON WITH GOLF GURU MARK CROSSFIELD IN LAS VEGAS Yes, you heard correctly!! GAME GOLF and Mark Crossfield (@4golfonline) are teaming up again to offer another amazing prize giveaway! Following the success of our UK giveaway with Mark back in Spring 2015, we have decicded to team up again and offer TWO lucky winners in the US the chance to meet with Mark for an in-person lesson in LAS VEGAS to review their GAME GOLF stats. In short...... The Prize (for the Two (2) Grand Prize Winners) will include: One in-person golf lesson with PGA golf instructor Mark Crossfield on January 31st, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada Coach airfare for one  One Nights’ accommodation at a 4 Star hotel  One GAME GOLF LIVE system More info here.   #2: PGA TOUR PRO JIM FURYK TEES IT UP FOR THE LAUNCH OF GAME GOLF LIVE Last month, we introduced the world’s first wearable, real-time automatic shot tracker for both iOS and Android smartphone platforms, called GAME GOLF LIVE. As part of the introduction, 2003 US Open Champion and GAME GOLF Pro Jim Furyk has teamed up with us to offer two Grand Prize winners’ tickets to the 6th Annual Jim Furyk & Friends Concert and Celebrity Golf Classic on March 13 and 14 2016 at Sawgrass Country Club in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. Furyk has been involved with GAME GOLF since we launched; and his golf rounds using the system can be publicly viewed and followed by all our GAME GOLF users. The annual fund-raiser, hosted by the Jim and Tabitha Furyk Foundation and sponsored by AT&T and Web.com, among others, has a goal to raise more than $1 million. On Sunday, the Furyk & Friends Concert will be a private event for golf participants and their guests where local chefs prepare food highlighting their favorite delicatessen. On Monday, golfers will tee it up with some of the biggest names from the PGA TOUR and beyond at Sawgrass Country Club. Proceeds from the event support specific projects, including providing food for at least five elementary schools through Blessings in a Backpack, Community PedsCare, Operation Shower, Wolfson Children’s Hospital and many other charitable projects. Each Grand Prize also includes round-trip travel and accommodations for two, as well as one round of golf for two at Sawgrass Country Club, best known for being the host of the Tournament Players Championship from 1977 to 1981, as well as numerous other tournaments for the Florida State Golf Association, Jacksonville Area Golf Association, the Women’s Western Amateur Golf Association, Florida State Golf Association and other national and college events. To enter this competition, contestants must a minimum of one 18-hole golf score(s) through the GAME GOLF LIVE device ONLY (which must be synched to the GAME GOLF system). After the first score is entered, the contestant will be eligible to win the Grand Prize. Any additional score(s) entered within the Sweepstakes period will not grant an additional entry. More info here.
  13. If you could only play one, which would it be?
  14. Just switched all my grips aside from putter to midsize MCC PLUS 4 Golf Pride grips.   (From Golf Pride m31 in irons, Lamkin 3 gen ACE in woods, and Golf Pride NDMC wedges. All standard size.) Initial thoughts = WOW.   I have regular sized hands, wear a medium or large glove (prefer the snugness of medium.)   testing = two buckets at indoor golf driving range/dome i love the feel of the grips.  Softer than I am used to.  The tackiness is perfect, (at first it thought they were too"smooth") initial concerns went away after two minutes of practice today was able to grip lighter than ever with no issues.  The ability to grip lightly is HUGE, some of my smoothest best feeling swings occurred today. I will test on trackman to see if there is any carryover to distance. I was able to control shot shapes with ease, which was my biggest concern making the switch.  I initially thought I would be slicing everything..... Not at all.   The only drawback = a little less feedback.  But when you hit a club on the screws it feels like you literally hit nothing (impressive, considering range balls.) they are definitely a softer feel than I am used to, but that feels better to me. I understand how people suffering from arthritis  prefer these to standard, I hit two buckets of balls (first practice session in 3 months.) and my hands feel fine.   I literally think this may be the best decision I have ever made in regards to equipment.  I will update over the next few weeks to show trackman comparisons before and after.   Taco
  15. This past week I purchased a box of the project a balls.  I wasn't sure what to expect.  They say what everyone else says about their ball.  Long, soft, spin, etc.  I played two rounds with them and I have to say I was pleased.  I hit two of the longest drives I've hit in a long time.  It could have been a fluke, but maybe not.  Around the greens they were nice to.  I normally play the prov 1 or the prov 1 x, but I think I'll stick with these for a little while longer.  I also like the price.  And even better, Walmart sells them.  Let me know if anyone has played these balls and what you liked or didn't like about them.
  16. While I agree a lot of this stuff happens in a good golf swing, don't buy into the thinking that you need to be an "elite" athlete in order to perform these movements to make a good golf swing. I wouldn't call guys that played in the 50's and 60's elite athletes but they all made full turns and rotated their body's on a steep enough angle. The article does bust the myth of "restricting" your lower body in the golf swing. Basically the whole thing is how important the lower body is to making a functional golf swing. They also mention that anterior tilt (S posture) makes it harder to turn. http://www.mytpi.com/articles/fitness/the_top_6_physical_attributes_of_elite_golfers
  17. Finally a common sense article on this. http://www.mytpi.com/articles/fitness/what_golf-specific_training_really_is  
  18. Big event for the Euro Tour headlined by McIlroy, Spieth and Fowler, along with Stenson and Kaymer. Also noticed out of the corner of my eye, Mike Weir is in the field, but everyone is probably hoping for a McIlroy/Spieth showdown. Don't forget to set your DVR, unless you enjoy watching live golf in the middle of the night. http://golfweek.com/news/2016/jan/20/rory-mcilroy-own-game-european-tour-golf/ http://www.europeantour.com/europeantour/season=2016/tournamentid=2016004/index.html
  19. In one of my swing lesson sessions, I asked my instructor about how to add distance to my drive.   As part of the discussion, we talked about physical exercise I have been doing for golf.   He then told me to add forearm strengthening exercises - windmills, wrist curls.  I have been doing them for a few months now and feel that it is helping me hit a few yards longer.    I've heard others claim similar result.    Do you agree (or disagree) that forearm strengthening is an effective way to increase distance compare to other strengthening exercises?  
  20. Has anyone experimented with the new exercise bands.  I hear that they really do help.  I was wanting to get some of them.  Before I did I wanted to know what others experience has been with them.
  21. Hi all, from Aberdeen, Scotland. How many of you have been over to play some of our special courses over here? From Royal Aberdeen, Trump International Golf Links to Murcar Links and Cruden Bay, we forget sometimes how spoiled we are for highly rated courses, the downside of course is the weather, which is often more of a challenge than the course layout! We've just filmed a video promoting local sport in Aberdeen, I wonder if anyone can guess which golf course we filmed at??    
  22. Looks like there's a new Game Golf system coming out that finally gives live feedback on your round, as many, myself included always wanted. I wonder how this will affect the free tagging feature of the app. I suspect that will shift to a for-pay format. http://www.wareable.com/golf/new-game-golf-live-adds-real-time-smartphone-insights-for-your-round-1854 New Game Golf LIVE adds real time smartphone insights for your round Game Golf, the round tracking wearable, has been updated to add a host of new features. The new tracker dubbed Game Golf LIVE gets its name from the new smartphone paired app, which enables you to get more information when out on the course.  For the uninitiated Game Golf consists of a wearable receiver that clips to your waistband and a bunch of sensors that plug into the top of your clubs. You tap the top of the club on your belt before you play a shot, and when you get back you'll see a map of your shots, as well as stats on average distances with each club, success rates, putting data and a whole lot more. However, the previous Game Golf only got useful when you got home from a round, and as we mentioned in our review, built up a few rounds of history. Game Golf LIVE adds real time insights by connecting to a smartphone app. You can use it for yardages to the pin, a major omission from the last model and a real bone of contention for those who need to fork out for a GPS watch and the Game Golf system. It's also added Google Maps imagery in addition to Bing and Apple's own cartography. There are also additions to the post-round analysis as well. There's now a feature called Stroke Gained analysis that helps players find weaknesses in their game to work on during lessons or at the range. It will also put you up against scratch golfers to see which element is contributing to your downfall.  Game Golf LIVE is set to retail for $249.99 and previous owners of the Game Golf Classic (as it's now being marketed) can upgrade for $99 if they get in before 11 November.
  23.   This was pointed out in the other thread, but I'd like to create this new thread here to keep track of the updates to GAME GOLF's Strokes Gained stats. As many know, TST has an "Advisory Panel" which aims to do a few things, but high on that list is to increase the communication between real-world golfers, stats geeks like myself and @RandallT, and GAME GOLF for the betterment of the GG platform and, ultimately, for more enjoyment from golfers. https://gamegolf.desk.com/customer/en/portal/articles/2198476 Within the last week or so, GAME has rolled out two improvements to their Strokes Gained portion of the site. Change #1: Comparisons to More than Scratch Golfers Here's a look at my new Strokes Gained insights page: In that screenshot I've compared myself to a 10 handicap. (Yes, they've still got the negative sign backward… strokes gained in this case should be positive. We're working on them to change that…  No promises though! ). This is great news if you're a 15 handicapper wanting to see where you need to improve to get down to a 10 - just compare yourself to a 10. Or compare yourself to a typical 15 handicapper to see if you have any glaring weaknesses (or strengths!). Change #2: Strokes Gained for Specific Rounds This was mentioned above by @toursauce, and you might miss it the first time through (as I did), but it's right there in the top-right-hand corner: Choose a few rounds if you want to limit a round with bad weather, a round where you were spraying your driver everywhere, or maybe even a round where you were super-hot with the putter. All of those could throw off your Strokes Gained average. I selected one round where I shot 75 and noted that my putting, normally a strength, was actually a weakness on that day. I gained 0.78, 0.49, and 0.34 strokes with the other three categories, but lost 1.57 putting. That day I hit 61% GIR but had 1.72 putts per hole. http://www.gamegolf.com/player/iacas/round/642797 I'm not 100% sold on my putter costing me there (I had one hole where I played two shortish shots in a row, for example, and I made a few six- and seven-foot putts), but you (and I) shouldn't really look at Strokes Gained in only one round for too much meaning, anyway. So, two cool new additions. Go check 'em out! If you don't have a GAME GOLF unit, what are you waiting for! Yes, GAME GOLF is one of the 2016 TST sponsors, but we've partnered with them because we love what they're doing, and think this is the best system going. It's only getting better, too, and with the TST Advisory Board, will continue to do so.
  24. Has anyone heard about the technique of swing back a little flatter and then bringing the club down a little more upright?  It seems like Hogan may have done this a little bit.  I have always been told to swing a little more upright on the backswing and then flatten it out on the downswing.  I would like to hear fellow golfers thoughts on this.
  25. I recently purchased a sleeve of pro v 1's.  I have been playing the x model.  I heard Adam Scott plays the pro v 1 regular.  Not sure if this is true or not.  Anyway, not sure if it was just me, but I did not seem to lose any distance on my driver or irons.  The ball seemed to play well around the greens too-plenty of spin.  I would be interested to see what others experience has been with these two balls.