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Nice color options for a pro-line golf ball


Pros: Distance, good spin, durable cover, color selection

The Volvik Vista iV have a very firm feel.  I like how it feels on the driver and fairway woods, but a bit too firm on the short irons for my preference.  Spin is good and about average for what you would expect from a pro-line golf ball.  The cover is more durable than average and has a unique feel - a bit "clicky" which is unusual for a tour ball.  It has some sort of ceramic material blended in the cover which is probably what accounts for the more firm feel. But, it works.  I have no complaints with regard to its performance.

well balanced performance, great utility club


Pros: distance, medium trajectory, forgiving, nice shaft

Cons: not usually in stock at some big box golf stores

I've used some hybrids that seem to balloon on me and some that have such a small low profile face that it is difficult to hit consistently.  The D100 is about in the middle of face size with a good ratio of face height and width.  The Matrix Ozik Altus 5.6 shaft has a nice solid feel without being too stiff or too whippy.  Trajectory is medium and predictable.  It also works well as a general utility club when you need to punch the ball low and far.  Wilson Staff hybrids have been one of the strong point in their product line and the D100 definitely continues that reputation.  The reason I put my purchase price a free is because i got the 3H club free with...
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Soft feel, full pro-line performance, good color options


Pros: soft feel, good distance and spin, color options

Cons: hard to find at many golf shops

My favorite pro-line ball was the Pro V1.  I liked the softer compression and lively feel.  However, I find it much easier to see an orange ball than a white one. The Vista iS completed the final piece of the puzzle that I was looking for.  Very similar compression, liveliness, trajectory, price, and short game spin as the PV1 and I could get it in orange and yellow.  The Vista iS is not the longest pro ball out there, but neither is the PV1.  So, my main point is that this is a good alternative to PV1 users who would prefer different color options.

Value line two piece ball that performs better than most


Pros: good short game spin, price, distance, durability

The only two piece balls with better spin on chips and short irons that i have tried are the e5 and NXT Tour S. I have tried almost all the others. There are many two piece balls that range in price from 50 cents a ball to almost 3 bucks each.  At a buck each, the SDF soft distance is by far the best value. Maybe because Snake Eyes does not need to pay the salary of tour pros and tv commercials.  It is not as long as a Top Flite XL, but about as long as all the others.  Give these a try and see if you get the results that I observed.  If you do not want to play a $4 tour ball, playing the Snake Eyes makes the most sense to me.  Plus you can use the Golfsmith...
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Good value mallet putter


Pros: price, face balanced, white color, pleasing design, easy to aim

Cons: hitting area is not too forgiving

I purchased this to try a face balanced mallet style as opposed to the heel shafted blade putter i was currently using (Wilson 8802 type design).  I found the mallet to be easy to line up and with a simple back and forth motion, putts would roll true on the path I was aiming on.  I am not a big fan of soft face inserts, so I had a bit of time adjusting to the speed and sound that the ball came off the putter with.   With some practice this putter is easy to predict.  just aim it where you want, make a straight back and forth swing  and the ball goes exactly where you aimed it.  It's no wonder i am seeing more mallet putters in the hands of the best putters...
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Excellent Game improvement driver


Pros: Traditional shape, large forgiving face, quality shaft, hits long

Cons: available only at Golfsmith

I picked this up on sale and it has turned out to be my go to driver when my game is struggling and i just want to hit straight and long.  It has a slightly closed face which helps if your miss is a slice.  MacGregor shafts are made by UST and have a nice medium low kick point.  The face is both tall and wide which promotes confidence at setup and the traditional pear shape avoids any distractions.  The color and graphics are tasteful and not over the top like some brands. The M75T and newer MacGregor drivers use CupFace technology developed when the company was owned by Greg Norman.  The design minimizes distance loss and misdirection on mishits.  I found...
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My favorite grip


Pros: Absorbs vibration, no problem with slipping, durable

Cons: not for those who like a firm tour grip

I use these on all my irons.  This grip has been around for 30 years and is still the best for vibration damping.  It has an alignment aid that is not weird or distracting.  It has superior traction for a non-cord grip.  Works well in wet weather or on hot days when your hands get sweaty.  The feel is soft, but not in the same way as a Winn grip.  I guess the best way to describe it is that it has the texture and feel of a tour velvet grip, but a little more spongy.  If you like hitting blade irons, but don't like it when your hands go numb on a mishit, the Avon Chamois grip can really help.

Keeps you in the fairway


Pros: Straight, soft and lively feel, orange and yellow colors

Cons: not easy to stop on greens, pricey

I know that hooks and slices are caused by the swing, but the E6 minimizes any sidespin.  The E6 has a nice soft feel and seems to jump off the club face.  Durability is good.  When chipping, allow some room for rollout on the green.  Trajectory is higher than average but does not balloon.  A good ball, but the price seems a bit steep.

Super distance


Pros: Very long, nice trajectory, excellent shaft, traditional shape

Cons: loud, stock grip could be better

This driver hits long.  The 46 inch Matrix shaft is a good match.  The setup favors slower swingers with an even tempo.  Hard hitters and those who make a quick transition from backswing to forward swing might not find this driver to be the easiest to control, but those golfers probably will not do well with any of the ultralight drivers. The Dxi Superlight is 269 grams.  The trajectory is what I would call medium.  The sweet spot on the face is generous but not as huge as some super-game-improvement drivers.  Very pleasing aesthetics at address.  Tends to hit straight.  The light weight is easy on your back too.

Surprising performance - very near tour level


Pros: Spin, trajectory, yellow

Cons: price

I got a sleeve of these when the Titleist rep was at my local course.  I put them to use and was very surprised how well they perform.  They stop on greens about as well as urethane balls for all shots except short green side chips.  The trajectory helps with this.  They sail medium-high and have a near vertical drop instead of more of an arc. That limits run out on drives but pays off with irons shots to the green.  Overall distance is about average.  Durability is good and, of course, better than urethane.  The bright yellow color is easy to see.  The price is only about 10 bucks less than tour balls, so you will need to decide if they are worth...
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