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Reviews by: Zeph

Don't waste your money. This DVD will hurt your swing.


Pros: Mentions keeping the head still, not overbending the back elbow and weight transfer

Cons: The instructional content is pretty awful

Straight Talking Golf is an instructional DVD on the full swing, lasting 1 hour and 30 minutes. You buy and download it online, which is pretty efficient. Conclusion: The swing advice you get in this DVD is plain bad and I fear it will hurt a lot of swings out there. Stay clear and look for something else. I honestly don't find anything in this DVD that makes it worth buying. Seeing a DVD like this makes me wonder why there are no requirements for people starting as golf instructors. Preface: I've been a student of the swing for five years and learned a lot on thesandtrap.com. I'm not an instructor, nor an expert, but I do not have any issues with giving this product a bad review. I've...
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TheSandTrap.com › Zeph › Reviews by Zeph