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Great Belt


Pros: Holds your pants up? I dunno. But I like it.

Cons: The release takes a minute to get, but once you do it's great. So no cons really.

I really like this belt. I think it's worth getting. Without having to deal with punched holes, it appears to be able to fend off creasing that develops over time. And because there are no punch holes, the belt fits perfectly no matter how fat you get or how much weight you lose. I recommend getting one. You may feel it's difficult to remove at first, but once you figure it out -- which doesn't take very long -- it's easy as pie.    There are clearly more in-depth reviews available here by the other members, so for details, this isn't the review you want to be reading. But keeping it simple, it's a good belt and certainly worth the money. I ordered a white one and a green one....
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Great, Light Weight Cart


Pros: It beats the crap out of anything you'll rent. Lightweight and maneuverable.

Cons: A bit annoying to fit in the trunk with the golf bag, but I think worth the effort. Pricey.

Like most golfers, I love to walk the course. I'm not the biggest fan of carrying however, so I tested a few push carts at Dick's and settled on the 2012 Sun Mountain Micro Cart. I've had it for a season now. Since I usually would rent a crappy cart whenever I would play, it made sense to just buy a nice one. The money I've saved now that I no longer rent has probably paid for the cart already.    Though expensive, I'm happy with my purchase. It's easy pushing my bag around the course without much effort, and the four wheel design makes for better maneuverability and overall balance. It's got plenty of spots for me to throw my stuff, and the overall ease of use makes up for...
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Actually Pretty Darn Nice


Pros: Forgiving with a pretty top line; less offset

Cons: A meatier club that will turn off some

I just purchased these from Dick's because I was sick at looking down at that awful top line on the Ping G10s. I wanted to stay within the game improvement realm, but I also wanted a club that was more pleasing to the eye at address. The JPX-825s fit that bill quite well.   They look great at address if you are used to looking down at a clunkier club. It's a really nice marriage between having the visual qualities of a classic club, but also having that forgiveness for toe strikes. The sole is pretty meaty, but less so than I'm used to. And I just love this top line. Perhaps I'm just so used to looking down at an ugly club, but this top line looks sexy as hell to me. I also...
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Pretty Amazing


Pros: It's fitted for you, so... there are a lot of pros

Cons: None really besides the cost. Mine cost $420

There isn't much to say that's negative about these putters besides the cost. The fitting is free, but if you want it with an insert, it costs $420.    The fitting took me about an hour, but it was worth it. I love mine. I highly doubt I ever buy another putter, but if I did, it would be to get my current putter re-fitted, just in case something changes in my stroke mechanics at some point down the road.   I love the distance and direction control with it. It's almost perfectly molded to my natural stroke.    No two Edel Putters are the same, so if you are looking for a putter soul mate, Edel Golf is a good place to go.

Effective Travel Case for $150


Pros: Durable, spacious

Cons: Expensive for the most part

I just purchased one from Dick's and used it on a trip to Florida. It didn't get a single scratch on the trip, and all my clubs survived the journey. I got it for $150 (originally priced at $200), so it's expensive. It looks like it will last me a long time though, and more importantly, it does an excellent job of protecting my clubs. The odds are that you don't need a case this good to protect your clubs, but you can't be too careful I always say. Recommended. 

My Favorite Golf Book


Pros: Excellent analysis and instruction on the full swing

Cons: No short game or putting discussed

This is a must have for all golfers of all levels. High handicaps will get their mind blown. Low handicaps and pros will learn new ways to refine what they already have a lot of. Pretty much everyone can walk away learning something valuable to their swing. Personally, no other golf book has come close to helping me understand the full swing as much as this book has. If I could only use one golf book as a reference for the rest of my life, this would be it. Five stars.
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