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My first review: Cobra Bio Cell+ Driver


Pros: Looks, feel, performance, forgiveness

Cons: Color/looks if flashy clubs aren't your thing

After reading a bunch of reviews online, including @jamo's on the main site, in addition to my impatience with searching for a new driver, I decided to go with the Bio Cell+. I purchased it from Hurricane Golf for a very reasonable price - about $210 shipped - and it arrived very quickly. I was quite excited when it did. I purchased it with a stiff-flex Matrix Red Tie 6Q3 shaft. I wanted to wait until I got some rounds under my belt before reviewing this. This is the first time I've reviewed anything, so bear with me.   One of the big factors for my purchase was the look of the driver. I went with the silver color, because I think it went the best with the white shaft. The...
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TheSandTrap.com › Grndslmhttr3 › Reviews by Grndslmhttr3