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Reviews by: David in FL

Top quality, high spin, premium ball


Pros: High spin around the greens, extremely soft, consistent, and very durable

Cons: May be too soft off the putter for some, slight distance loss with my 103 mph swing speed

I was fit to the B330 S using Bridgestone's on-line selection guide.  I was a little surprised at the outcome because my 103 mph driver swing speed is just under their recommended 105mph threshold for this ball.  The on-line fitting was more in-depth than simply asking about swing speed though, so obviously some of the other factors tipped me in this direction.   I've been playing the ProV1 almost exclusively for the past 3 years, so all comparisons are based on that.     Specifications:   This is a 4-piece, Urethane covered, premium ball.  Bright white.....noticeably brighter than the ProV1.  Very clean, unobtrusive logo and a somewhat...
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TheSandTrap.com › David in FL › Reviews by David in FL