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Skillzys Golf Rule Tagz


Pros: Simple, compact, full of information

Cons: Just one more thing to hang off your bag

I have to admit that I am an equipment junkie when it comes to golf.  I love buying anything and everything that has to do with the game.  When I saw the Skillzys golf rule tagz, I knew that was something I wanted in my arsenal.    I like to think that I know the basic rules and the outcome of most hazardous situations you will find during the course of play.  But it never fails that when playing in a group, a situation occurs and no one can seem to agree on the ruling.  The Skillzys rule tagz would easily solve this issue. They are the size of a credit card, so they aren’t in the way.  They are conveniently located on a key chain like strap that...
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TheSandTrap.com › TN94z › Reviews by TN94z