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Reviews by: Dave H

Quality Warm-up and Training Aid


Pros: Quick shipping, professional packaging, as advertised.

Cons: No docmentation included.

I received my TORC the other night and was immediately impressed by the nice little bag it comes in. Smart to have a hook so I can hang it right on the side of my bag. Since receiving it I've used it 3 times now:   The first time, I used it at the range that night. I put it on the end of the club and used it as a warm up tool. I normally swing a couple of clubs together in a lazy manner about 30 times or so until I feel loose. I do a few "windmills" with each arm with those clubs as well as some light stretching. I used the TORC on the end of 5 iron for this instead. The weight felt just right for the warm up session.   Second, I used it in the same manner at the...
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TheSandTrap.com › Dave H › Reviews by Dave H