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Reviews by: andef

What a fantastic driver!


Pros: Ability to shape the ball / Control

Cons: Not always the most forgiving

The 909 D2 is a fantastic driver. Although the 910 D2 is now out, it is still a very valuable addition to any golf bag. After testing a series of drivers, I found this to be up there with the longest but the easiest to control. Fades and draws are extremely easy to play with this club and it's very easy to get up in the air. The fact that the stock shaft length is 45" is great, at least to me, because it's much easier to make contact in the sweetspot than with other drivers. The face is 0.5 degrees open with has turned my stock shot from a small draw to a dead straight shot. Although I love the driver, it is not perfect. I would not suggest this driver to people above a 15 / 20...
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TheSandTrap.com › andef › Reviews by andef