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Straight Down the Middle!


Pros: Very tight shot disersion

Cons: low flight with KK shaft

After several launch monitor sessions, i pulled the trigger on the VRS Covert Driver the first week of June. I have now had over 15 rounds with it and absolutely love it.   Initially, I set it at 10.5* Neutral.  Flight was very low, so i bumped it to 11.5*, then after about 3 rounds, settled on the 12.5* Neutral setting. I also added about 1/4" to my tee height, so that about 2/3 of the ball is above the clubhead.  With this setting, I am now getting 220, 230, & 243 yards on my drives. Previously, I was getting 210-225 with my Powerbilt AFO w/PX 5.0 shaft.   I almost ordered the driver with the PX 5.0 shaft (no upcharge) but it was going to take 3-4...
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Concrete/White/Royal Golf Shoes


Pros: Comfort & Style

Cons: can slip when wet grass gums up the cleats

I got a couple gift certs for christmas & my Birthday (same day) so I indulged myself with a pair of concrete/royal blue street premiers. I must say they are comfortable as I have narrow feet and most golf shoes do not allow you to tighten up the front of the shoe.   Most of the time the grip is sufficient. However, if playing early in the morning, the wet cut grass can gum up the cleats and you loose traction. If playing 36 holes, they are the bomb for comfort.   As for style, they look great when I'm wearing my college colors on the course (Go UK!).  

Slotline SSi is Super!


Pros: weight at 360 grms for a smooth swing

Cons: Slotline is not a well known brand

This is the best putter!   I got rid of my SC Studio Style and put my Ray cook Blue goose in the garage.   This putter has the greatest swing for an in-out swing.

Comfort City!


Pros: Comfort

Cons: Low Heel

I got some gift cards to golfsmith for my birthday & Christmas...so i said why not, and took the plunge for the Ecco Street Premiers" at $140/pair.   Gotta admit, they are the most comfortable golf shoe I have ever used. Not having spikes in the ground take some getting used to and my heels are a tad lower than with traditional golf shoes....   I got the stone w/blue sole and accents....to show my UK Wildcat pride.   Are they worth the $140? If you play a lot of golf, yes they are.
TheSandTrap.com › Fozcycle › Reviews by Fozcycle