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A popular driver. I see a lot of these.


Pros: Easy to hit - accomodates an imperfect swing.

Cons: Very long shaft. Wonder if that's good for most amateurs.

This replaced a high loft senior shaft Taylormade R7 Draw driver. Current model is a regular shaft 10.5 degree.   No driver is going to help you if you swing out-to-in and hit the ball with a wide open face. You get that booming slice that heads to the right and drops into the trees.   Hit it square, and the ball will go straight. Because of the length, a wild fast swing makes for plenty of bad drives. Swing it under control, and when your hands are in front of the ball, with the arms locked, then Boom!   I like this driver. Unfortunately for Taylormade sales, I will use it til it breaks. BTW, it's my third T/M model in 8 years, and while I always knew that...
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TheSandTrap.com › DocWu1948 › Reviews by DocWu1948