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Reviews by: Hollister

The original DVD set, solid and to the point


Pros: To the point, understandable

Cons: A quick job and a bit dry

Quite a lot has been written about the DVD and the S&T book, so Google or search this site for comprehensive reviews. Having bought the S&T book first, the DVDs made it even easier understand the swing. After watching the DVDs I got in charge of my swing, my mishits and what I am going to have to learn.   I would recommend this DVD set, bought cheap off ebay or elsewhere today, plus the book to get into S&T. There are loads of videos on youtube you can learn from, but the DVD (combined with the book) will be the best to get started.   Make sure you buy a set with six DVDs: four disks containing The Stack & Tilt Golf Swing and the two bonus DVDs with...
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TheSandTrap.com › Hollister › Reviews by Hollister