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Perfect for me


Pros: A simple, easy method

I tried the hinge-and-hold method on this dvd on the practice green, and I was hooked. It's so simple and easy to to for me, and now I feel really confident around the greens. My bunker play has gotten much better since trying it the way on the dvd, I'm not afraid of any bunker anymore, now I can shoot at the pins.   Highly recommended

Great read


Pros: Just makes you feel like you were there

The book was a great read to me, getting quite a lot of information about the "good old days" of golf.

Great for Everyone


Pros: Great breakdown of the basics

Cons: Layout of the pages could be a bit better.

I read the chapter about the grip one every month, so I don't get into bad habits during my rangesessions. The layout of the pages could be better to make reading a bit easier, but the pictures are really great and enhance the understanding of the descriptions.   Should buy for every golfer, IMHO...
TheSandTrap.com › mihi4 › Reviews by mihi4