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so good i bought 2 more


Pros: Cheap, durable, everything

Cons: Mizuno have released a new version which I need to review!

Background: I went for a Mizuno fitting, got a free glove. current clubs - JPX825 pros, golf pride midsize tour velvet.   Fit: - Mens XL, good and comfortable fit - doesnt flare over the wrist - covers the hand heel sufficiently - seam over thumb didnt twist around for the life of it - no problems with velcro adhesion   Feel: - club doesnt slip - sits comfortably - feels firm, not squishy   Grip - wet conditions the club still didnt slip and felt comfortable - dry conditions, the club didnt slip and didnt feel clammy.   Durability - doesnt smell after prolonged use then put in bag and forgot about - lasted longer than usual, palm pad took a long time to wear...
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TheSandTrap.com › Bananarama › Reviews by Bananarama