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Very comfortable minimalist-type shoe


Pros: Comfortable, stable with good feel; true fit/sizing; good grip; waterproof.

Cons: Could be lighter, sole could be thinner (more like a true minimalist shoe); styling probably too contemporary for traditionalists.

I've got 4 rounds and 3-4 range/practice green sessions on a pair of the charcoal/black mesh spikeless Project M shoes.  First couple rounds were on cold (50's* F), dewy mornings, last few have been hot (low 90's* F), dry afternoons.  I'll qualify my opinion by saying I'm a big fan of minimalist shoes in general and they're almost the only shoes I wear - I own (and love) several pairs of Vibram Five Fingers (VFF) and a pair of Merrell Barefoots.  A big part of my purchase decision for the M Projects was to find a golf shoe that gave me a similar minimalist feel.   First off, while the M Project does have very minimal heel drop and gives you the 'close to the...
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TheSandTrap.com › Mac62 › Reviews by Mac62