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The spin is almost too good on these wedges


Pros: Grooves are 2nd to none, very soft feeling, spin is fantastic

Cons: in 3 more days they'll never be manufactured again

Beautiful wedges that are 2nd to none.     I have ultimate control with all 4 that I own, so much that I traded in my PW that came with my irons and went with the 48* Vokey that I soon thereafter bent to 47*. I don't have anywhere near as much confidence with any other club in my hand than I do with my Vokey.   I can use each wedge for a variety of shots with ease, just love having the options for a bunch that come with having a 52*, 56* and 60*  

Found my gamer


Pros: great feel, sexy putter, easy on the wallet

Cons: None

As soon as I saw this putter it was mine. It's the gamer I was looking for for a few years now.    The feel is very very similar to the Scotty Del Mar, looks like the Odyssey black series and is half the price if you found those two on the used rack.   I really went all out on this making it my own. New Iomic grip, custom paintfill and stamped MB on the face. Can truly say this putter is staying with me for a while.

The perfect iron for the midcapper.


Pros: Forged feel, cavity forgiveness, workability, beautiful at address

Cons: I'll let you know when I find one

I've gone through about 3 sets of irons each summer for a few years now without finding one that I've been in love with.   Cavity backs aren't workable, blades aren't forgiving.   Nike went to the shop and came back with the absolute perfect mixture of everything people should look for in irons. Off center hits let you know, but don't absolutely kill the shot. The flush shots feel as good as any blade I've ever came across and not to mention, its forged.   For someone that finds themself inbetween cavity and blades, this is your iron.

Adams does hybrids right.


Pros: Beyond easy to hit, long, straight, amazing.

Cons: not too pretty, but who cares.

Another one of those bargain bin finds that are too good to be true. As soon as I hit one flush (happens quite a bit with this club) I knew it was mine.    The Mitsubishi Javln shaft is absolutely awesome and one of the only stock shafts that I play on woods/hybrids. When I hit this right, I can hit it scary long. There's times I've sat 220 out and thought, I better just lay up with a 4 iron rather than take the chance of overshooting with this thing.   May be my favorite club in my bag.

Best TM fairway ever made? I think so


Pros: Easy to hit, great off the tee. LONGGGG.

Cons: hard to find these days

As old school as these things look, I have no shame at all gaming this year after year. Still yet to find a fairway wood to knock it out of the bag, the V Steel is long, easy to hit and cheap.   If you find one on the used rack at your local retailer, I highly recommend it.

Great long driver, love the FCT


Pros: FCT, long, straight

Cons: Stock shaft isn't great, too straight at times

With the R11 coming soon, finding this driver cheap is as easy as can be. With a $30 GG certificate and a $50 gift card that came with the driver I effectively paid $120 which is absolutely awesome. First thing I did though was reshaft with an AXE +6 Xcalibur shaft which really gave me the best ball flight with the head. The FCT is nifty and after tinkering with it for a full bucket at the range, I found that one click towards right was for me.   Great driver.
TheSandTrap.com › CassinoNorth › Reviews by CassinoNorth