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Pros: Overviews on SOME courses, pin-point abilities, stats tracker.


I used it over the summer before getting my hand on a Garmin G5 approach. I like everything about it except I never could keep my phone from dying during the round. Even on a fresh off the plug charge, I could get 13 holes in at the most. I even tried to disable communications, wi-fi, bluetooth, sync, etc, still didn't make a round unless I flew around by myself for 18 in 2 hours or less. I had it on a Droid that was brand new, so the battery was not old and useless. Download and try for free before you purchase!

Great Piece of Equipment


Pros: Pin-pointing distances, distances to hazards, bunkers, front, back, middle of greens. Pin point hole locations on greens

Cons: Pin pointing is not as smooth as I would like.

This baby rocks!   I find it to be very accurate. Don't need prisms to shoot lasers or worry about keeping a steady hand with a laser finder. You get what you pay for! No more pesky branches in your way, trees, obstructions, etc. Decent on batteries, I usually get three rounds from each set of Duracell AA's, not yet tried Lithium, expect it to last much, much longer. Great color LCD display, easy too see in sunlight.  
TheSandTrap.com › BDMplayer910 › Reviews by BDMplayer910