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Try this great value ball


Pros: Straight, no loss in distance, good spin control

Cons: none at this time

During a practice round, a playing partner let me try one one of these balls after I complained about the price of the current ball I was playing . He said I would like it and it made him an instant convert. Wow, he was right. It held a straight path in the air, it checked up nicely on approach shots, and gave me another 7 yards on approach shots. Being a high trajectory hitter, I am accustomed to hitting my approach shots frustratitingly short and/or missing the green left or right. This ball put me closer to the hole each time and was easier to hit the greens (how did they do that?). It has great, no loss in distance off of the tee too. I bought a [very hard to find] box and now...
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That's why the Pro's use it


Pros: Fantastic spin, good distance, good control,

Cons: requires good technique, especially in short game and wind

This ball is just as good as advertised. It gets good distance so you don't miss the ProV1x so much. It demands good technique. It makes you think, "How high and how hot do I want to come in to take advantage of the spin." It is fun watching it respond to your shot selection. Recomend it for all very low 80's shooters or better.

Best Mid Handicap Ball


Pros: Good Distance, decent feel, will hold the green, plays well in wind

Cons: Less spin than premium balls

This is a great ball for the golfer that scores somewhere in the 80's and less than 100. It performs just as good as NXT but is more durable. It will hold the green better than most other balls in this category and it seems to "forgive" less than solid shots. It surprisingly plays pretty good in the wind (less than 20mph).

Just as advertised


Pros: Great Feel, Good Control

Cons: Shorter shots are longer, allow for some roll

I loved this ball. It did exactly as advertised. I needed my game to improve before I could move up to the Pro V1. This Pro V1x flies far. It will stop on greens provided you use the correct technique. It likes to fly, I learned to go one iron less on medium height shots to allow for skip and roll. This ball can take a beating.
TheSandTrap.com › SAGolfLuvr › Reviews by SAGolfLuvr