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Mid-Level? Or a Tiny Step Down from Premium?


Pros: Distance, Control with all clubs, Feel, Durability, Wind Performance, Cost vs. Performance

Cons: Less stopping power than TP5 or ProV's, especially on less than full shots

Picked up a dozen of the TP3's on sale, previously played the original Penta or TP5.  Went back and got 2 dozen more after the 1st two rounds, Price vs. Performance this may be the best ball on the market.   All comparisons (unless otherwise noted) are vs. Penta/Penta TP5:   Distance - no loss noted, may not be longest ball but plenty long enough, especially with irons and into the wind.   Control - Seems to have just the right amount of spin to work the whole set left/right without losing it too far either direction.  Can flight it high/low pretty easily, VERY good wind ball (holds it's line, bores through headwinds well, doesn't get "knocked down"...
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TheSandTrap.com › HmtGolfGuy › Reviews by HmtGolfGuy