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Reviews by: phillyk

Great, easy read! Gets down to the point of shooting lower scores quickly!


Pros: Tells you exactly how to shoot lower scores; gives several examples of how to improve in all areas of the game

Cons: Little mention of psychology/mental state

Lowest Score Wins is a great read for all skill levels! Every golfer has something to learn from this book!   Using statistics from the professionals and amateurs of the game, Erik Barzeski and David Wedzik, have narrowed down what is most important when it comes to improving your game. Using what they call Separation Value, they have given several aspects/skills of the game, a level of importance when it comes to improving. This makes the read easy to understand, and helps each individual identify what they may need to practice more. Barzeski and Wedzik also give several examples of drills, for each skill, to mark how much one can improve. They end the book with great course...
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TheSandTrap.com › phillyk › Reviews by phillyk