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Reviews by: broombroom

Good but maybe not the best


Pros: customization

Cons: white head, price

The taylormade r11 is a bit of a hit and miss for some people mainly because of the white face.  I don't own this club I just demoed it.  The customization you get on this club is probably the most you can get on any club at the minute which is a plus.  It is nice and forgiving too on off hits and it makes a nice sound.  Distance wise it is what you would expect. It won't go miles further than your current driver but a just a noticeable bit.  I really was put of the white head I really don't like it which for me has put me off buying it.  It attracts soo much unwanted attention and is a distraction to swing.  The stock shaft was ok in it but because...
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TheSandTrap.com › broombroom › Reviews by broombroom