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Fantastic ball. Its only problem...is me.


Pros: Great in every aspect.

Cons: Soft cover might scuff a bit more on "box" groove clubs but nothing noticable.

Recently playing a striving 9-hole (soon to be 18) course that was tough and had a wicker basket full of "2010" prov1 balls. $3 each or 4 for $10. I usually don't get froggy but I was confident in my game and stopped losing more than 1 ball a round. I fell in love cause the feel was solid yet soft and controllable and incredibly more spin. But that's half the story, it sucks having to pay sooo much for a ball that will do everything you want and not lose any distance or control. I searched online for a ball equal to it and yet didn't break the bank, and to match my fg tour irons, i decided on the fg tour urethane ball for 26 bucks on ebay. when i played these i was more amazed at the...
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Deep Red II Distance


Pros: powerful, yet soft feel with significant distance increase. Forgiving

Cons: Sometimes too forgiving. feel on some miss hits is decieving

Were a great first set. Will be keeping them as an extra set but i am in search a better players iron. But overall did exactly as described. Crushing distance with easy to hit accuracy.

NXT Tour


Pros: Best Ball I played.

Cons: Not much to compare to.

I started using pinnacle gold-distance but softer feel and added distance made green side and putting distances harder to control. Good combination of a distance gainer while slight precision of ProV1 without killing you every time you use on. I don't have much to compare to. And considering most of mine are barely used/ refinished balls. But until I find something I like more. I'll manage

8881 35' Lefty


Pros: Soft Feel. Great Vrad Grip. Lovely finish on top of club that looks among the best against greens.

Cons: Takes a little time to get used to distance control.

coming up on a year of golf experience. I bought this club following my first putter which was the "bullseye" style remade Augusta putter. Augusta was great but at certain longer putts, loads of skid slowed putt so i needed more forward roll. This putter looks great at address. Hosel pushes shaft slightly forward which is surprisingly comfortable. Soft steel feels great and also swing weight is not too heavy so good strokes are happy but a necessary amount of focus which does not bother. Distance control does take time getting used to, this stick loves a smooth, slightly slower swing from the backstroke to the follow-through. The real design characteristic that intrigues me was the...
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Wonderful club and solid feel of power from smaller compact fairway/rough design


Pros: cuts through grass and powerful high pitched sound that truly matches its penetrating ball flight. Height can be controlled and very good off tee.

Cons: "Hull" shaped sole takes getting used to. not promoted for a player without a care of how low on the face might hit.

If you don't try at becoming a better ball striker with forward shaft lean presenting the higher parts of sweet spot, hull-shaped sole with send the ball off in either direction but strait. Knocking on this club is due to lack of skill. I thank the Tour Striker training club, which taught me how to strike the ball correctly. Solid club and really feels great through the swing all the way through contact.
TheSandTrap.com › handlez42 › Reviews by handlez42