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First new clubs


Pros: Look Great, Good Price, Awesome feel

Cons: ummmm

I ordered these clubs on the 26th. Upgrading from a set of Spaldings that my grandfather had passed down to me when I was 15. I just turned 23 on the 19th. Going from those to these was a huge difference. The control, the feel, everything about these clubs is great. Not only do they have great control but they also look amazing.   I got fitted for them so I got new stiffer shafts and had them stepped down once just to get them even stiffer. Cant wait to hit them, One more week till they come in.

Best Driver Ive ever had


Pros: Light, Stiff shaft,

Cons: NONE

I bought this driver two days ago and absolutly LOVE IT. Plus I couldnt beat the price, I paid 300 for the driver and a Odyssey putter.
TheSandTrap.com › LaMaR- › Reviews by LaMaR-