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Knockoff? I think not!


Pros: Astounding Feel

Cons: Not a big name yet, nothing really!

Well this is surely a club for the price! Practically free (besides S&H) on their website, all you have to do is sign up for their newsletter! Now this could very well compare with some top name hybrids, with the feel of no knockoff club whatsoever.  The steel shaft is an interesting touch, but the green head is slightly outdated.  Great club overall!

Beautiful Mallet.


Pros: Large head takes out handsy putting

Cons: Insert system can sometimes compromise distance control.

Wow what a piece of work! This technically styled head surely does take the hands out of play a bit more than a traditional putter in my opinion.  The insert system can sometimes be hard to control your distance.  I feel that if you take a break from the game for a while, your feel for it surely goes first.  Practice makes perfect with this putter.  A beautiful roller!



Pros: Sure Fit Tour adjustable hosel, so many shaft choices!

Cons: Where's the white? (:

Well to say the least, before this club my driving game has been anything but consistent. At age 14, I had a Nike Sumo (not square) and was creaming the ball 270 on average that summer in my tournaments. Must have been the driver. Who knows. I recently purchased this driver though at my local pro shop brand SPANKIN NEW for a mere 270 dollars. I felt like I was literally robbing them, on account of it's retail is 400. Anyways, I went to the range tonight and got a bucket of only thirty, due to the heat, and tested out my consistency with it again.  27 out of the 30 were a beautiful draw down the middle of my imaginary fairway i draw out on my driving range. The other three had a bit...
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TheSandTrap.com › GoldenBearCub › Reviews by GoldenBearCub