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Reviews by: The Tin Man

Light and portable mirror


Pros: Entire body reflected. Portable

Cons: Over priced

Light weight, easy to use. Works as advertised for self correcting address and back swing issues.   I can monitor myself without having to move my head to see my reflection.  I need only move my eyes. I can view my entire body with the mirror only 3 feet away. (It's adjustable.)   Construction: Adequate, but won't stand much abuse.   Cons:  $60 price is $30 too much. . If you have a good game, sometimes ignorance is bliss. Comes with an awkward carry bag - a reusable grocery bag is easier to handle. May fit in a tour bag but not your average size golf bag.   Pros: It's cheaper then spending valuable lesson time correcting basic body...
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You either need it or you don't


Pros: Could really help you

Cons: Dust collector

Try one in the store because if you don't have the swing faults that will cause it to hinge - you don't need it.   It's impossible to rate because it's either 5 stars or zero. It depends on the golfer.    
TheSandTrap.com › The Tin Man › Reviews by The Tin Man