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Adams A7 Iron set review


Pros: integrates well ; good selection ; looks nice at address ; feel is appropriate ; priced nicely

Cons: Adams doesn't have a particularly strong fitting program. However, most shops can fit you for these.

  While I don't actually own a set, I still love the Adams A7.  At address, they look like better players' clubs (at least from 6I on down).  They feel pretty good at impact.  They give feedback on bad shots without being harsh.  The distance gaps are consistent in the set for just about everyone I know that uses them -- and that says something about the quality control, too.   And you can get any number of wedges with it (although I always suggest a standard SW), and their wedges have a good amount of bounce.  And the lofts of most clubs aren't crazily out of control.   I suggest the Adams A7 set to just about everyone who isn't in the...
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TheSandTrap.com › Shindig › Reviews by Shindig