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Great price but nothing great


Pros: Low Price - $14.99 for 3 gloves

Cons: Doesn't last as long as other gloves, one ripped at palm area during second round of use, packaging is frustrating to remove

Someone turned me on to these and the price is certainly right ($14.99 for 3 gloves). However, they just don't last as long as other gloves I have played. I seem to get 4 or 5 rounds out of most gloves these only seem good for about 2. As stated in the cons I had one of the 3 gloves rip during the second use. I'll stick with the $8 - $10 gloves that last longer.

Decent ball for a good price


Pros: Decent distance, control, putter feel (for me) and great price point

Cons: higher ball flight than I would like

I don't have anything bad to say about this ball. I tend to get a higher ball flight than I would like when I strike the ball well but it's not a deal breaker. Love the way this ball feels off the putter and it also has decent control for approach shots on average public course greens. Not sure how it would react on courses with firmer greens.

A Little Heavy On The Up Front Cost But Worth It


Pros: Very easy to use, distances seem very accurate, ability to pick spots you want to land to get accurate yardages.

Cons: Purchase Price of $350 seems a little stiff but then you don't have to pay monthly/yearly fees or buy courses.

Gave me everything I want in an easy to use interface. Would recomend to anyone looking for a GPS.
TheSandTrap.com › Grumpter › Reviews by Grumpter