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Pros: long,forgiving,life time warranty

Cons: older model

I bought this just to try because I got a great deal on it and I was shocked how well it performs.  Tour Edge products especially the bazooka line are under the radar.  It is longer than my last 3w which I use as my driver so the bonus yards was nice.  The graphics are ok but the great part is the life time warranty.  It was way more than I expected to get.  The price and playability is great.  It is an older model but you can find them brand new still in the plastic all over.  I don't and I wouldn't let price decide your clubs. This club performs great even if it dosen't cost 200 bucks.

Nice Bag


Pros: Very light and well made.

Cons: to small for some players sets

Picked this bag up from the pro shop when I unexpectedly sold my other bag.  After 9 holes I'd say It's a solid bag for the price.  It really isn't made for more than eight clubs even though it will pack in 14 but it's not ideal.  It's well made from what I can tell by feel and inspection.  I give this the nod over my other carry bag because this bag is cart friendly. If you walk and golf and play a more minimalist bag this may be the bag your looking for.

super lite with all the bells and whistles


Pros: easy to carry,lots of storage,great look,well built

Cons: only thing some people might not like is only has 6 dividers.

In my quest to become a minimalist walking golfer I have been trying a few bags and my search ends hear with the hyper lite.  I just love how lite it is and how soft it rides on your back.  Tons of storage with 11 pockets you might not remember what pocket has what in it.  It has a secret valubles pocket that I much enjoy.  This bag seems really balanced. I wanted a bag that had a 6 way divider to fit a minimal set comfortably but had legs for wet days. I wanted it to be really light also and I found it to be, very similar to a carry bag.  I will use this bag for years to come. Perfect for me.

My full time bag


Pros: Makes it an easy walk around the course

Cons: none

Just a great bag at a great price.  I recently started playing minimalist golf.  I put 6 clubs in the bag few balls and tees and I'm set for any course. Dosen't fit more than 7 clubs comfortably.  If you want to go minimal this might be your bag.

I love it.


Pros: soft feel decent control tee to green. Good looking ball.

Cons: low spin may not appeal to some

Its my go to ball and I have tried many this ball to me seems like great quality.  Good ball for hitting solid drives. very soft feel.
TheSandTrap.com › TomK82 › Reviews by TomK82