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Quality club from a quality company


Pros: Forgiveness and distance

Cons: expensive

These irons are good for the mid to high handicapper who wants to play titleist irons but is not a good enough ball striker to play the ap2s. Solid cast feel, with a very noticeable sound off the face. 

Great, feel, horrible grip


Pros: Milled face, weighting

Cons: grip

This putter rolls puts off like butter. Very true, and easy to use, excellent sight lines on the putter. However, I absolutely found the grip to be a flaw. It stuck to everything, my clothes, bag, and unfortunately dirt. The clubs weighting and everything was excellent, but when you purchase this putter, plan to pay 20 dollars more to have it re gripped with something less prone to sticking to things. Other than the grip, the club was great. Cleveland has stepped up their putter game.

Cleveland Still Leading the Pack in the Wedge Game


Pros: Forgiveness, Stock Grip, Trajectory, Feel, Spin, Swing weight

Cons: Zip grooves hold grass easy.

After testing, I noticed to find cons, I had to nit pick. These wedges were great from all lies that it tackled. Floated the ball out of the bunkers excellently, and short chip shots were sure to hold on to the green. I tested these in some windy conditions, and the spin still held true. The grass in the zip grooves does take some time to remove, but clears away with aggressive brushing. The wedges finish, was great and for the 3 months I had them, stayed strong. The grip was better than most, but not my favorite. I have played Vokey, Taylormades, and my personal favorites Nikes, and these still kept my confidence that I had in the Nikes. I even was comfortable to play in a tournament...
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TheSandTrap.com › titleistfan2016 › Reviews by titleistfan2016