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Reviews by: par4me

Very Impressive


Pros: Great durability and very workable

Cons: Doesn't do well in the wind

Putter:  This ball worked very well on the green.  Rolls true to the line you put it on.  The alignment aid was very beneficial for me as I choose to line up every putt with the aid.  It definitely helps you out by having 3 lines instead of the normal 1 line that most of us are used to having as an alignment aid.   Around the Green:  This ball can get some massive amounts of spin.  I really liked playing with this ball from 50 yards in.  I could really create, or not create, spin by where I placed the ball in my stance and how I contacted the ball.  Really neat to experiment and see the different results with minor changes in ball...
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TheSandTrap.com › par4me › Reviews by par4me