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Penta TP review


Pros: spin, feel, distance

Cons: Somewhat easy to mark

I used to play the Pro V1. Then I tried the Bridgestone B330RX and liked that better. It felt just as soft, spun just as well, and was a tad longer than the Pro V1. Went to the B330RXS when it came out as it spun a little better with no loss of distance. Then someone suggested the Penta TP and I've never looked back. It's explosive off of the driver. You WILL pick up distance. As for spin, it's the first ball I've been able to back up on my approach shots. Something you need to get used to as I've spun the ball right off of the green. I have 2 dozen sitting in my closet now waiting for spring. On the down side (and it's really not fair to call it a down side) they can be marked up...
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TheSandTrap.com › R11driver › Reviews by R11driver