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Reviews by: MacGregor9

Great Driver


Pros: Distance/Accuracy

Cons: Low ball flight

This was a major step up from my old Cleveland Ti450 10.5 degree. I got it from a friend, where he had it just sitting in his bag. This driver has increased my drives tremendously. I used to drive about 260-270 yards, but now I can hit 280-290 with the occasional 300. Of all the drivers I have ever used, including 3-woods, this club is the one I can hit with the most accuracy. The 8.5 degree can leave me with a low ball flight sometimes, but I'm fine with that, as long as it rolls.   You can pick these up for pretty cheap. $100 seems to be the average, but I've seen numerous at $60-$70.

Nice putter


Pros: Good feel

Cons: Power

This is a major step up from my Taylormade Nubbins putter I used for about 2 years. The weight feels great, and the nice angle allows me to get right over the ball when putting. The biggest difference for me is the change in distance. It's not a Cons though, since I'm really starting to get used to it. A good putter if you can find it used to save some money.
TheSandTrap.com › MacGregor9 › Reviews by MacGregor9