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uPro Go


Pros: Great for distances around greens, good screen, lightweight, accurate

Cons: Very basic, updates are slow

It is great for mapping all around the greens, but distances over water or to water can be confusing. I have never gotten a bad distance. You can get 2 rounds of use before you need to charge. Tons of built in courses.  

Nike SV Tour


Pros: Great feel, all around wedge

Cons: On the heavy side

I use my 56* for everything. Great in bunkers, chips, pitches, full shots. It is on the heavy side but you get used to it.

Nike Method 004


Pros: 3 alignment lines, great feel, better roll

The ball rolls immediately right off the face and stays on the ground. Feel is solid. Great stock grip. Gotta love the magnetic headcover too.

Taylormade TP MC


Pros: Feel is great, surprisingly forgiving, great design

I hit these for about an hour at a demo day and was so close to buying them. I just need more forgivness in the long irons. They were so easy to get off the ground and were very forgiving for a club in this category. In my opinion, other than Titleist CB, these are the best looking irons.

Nike VR Pro Combo CB (3-PW)


Pros: forgiving long irons, great overall design, soft feel

Cons: Chrome

These look as if they should be more difficult to hit but i found them surprisingly forgiving, even the long irons. I am a 13 hcp with average ball striking and can still hit every shot that i want. I am sure that other irons out there feel better, but these are up there. I wish they had these in a satin finish. Nike was great to work with. They added $100 to my trade in and gave me a free VR Pro wedge and a free fitting. More companies should build combo sets like this. If you are looking for a great transition set, then look no further.

Taylormade Burner Superfast 2.0 3W


Pros: LONG, Forgiving, looks great at address

Cons: Cheap stock grip, face scratches easily

This club is great off the tee and out of the fairway. Not recommended out of the rough because of its larger head. The ball gets in the air fast and stays there. If your looking to do low punches then this is not the club. I dont hit this at the range much because the range balls scuff the face. It doesn't affect performance, it just looks bad.  

Cleveland Black 265


Pros: Great feel, very forgiving, sits well at address

Cons: Too light/whippy

I hit about 50 balls with this at demo day. The feel was amazing and it was longer than my Titleist 907 D1. I could not see my self getting this because it just felt like i was swinging a feather and at any point my hands could turn over at the wrong time. When i made solid contact it ws great though.

Titleist 907 D1


Pros: Forgiving, Sits well at address

I have had this club for 3 years and it performs great. The sound is not too loud but not too muffled. It is my first name brand driver and havent had thoughts of switching for a while.
TheSandTrap.com › bhp1404 › Reviews by bhp1404