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Short but enjoyable


Pros: well designed and maintained, great club house, friendly staff

Cons: a little pricy, close to busy traffic

This is a fun little course, well laid out and challenging at times. I've played here once and will go back regularly... thinking about getting a membership as it is very fairly priced. Aside from the membership though, the price is a little steep for weekdays and non busy times until super twilight.    This course is owned by the township which means profits go toward the maintenance of the course and not so much into the pockets of the owners. It is very well maintained and loaded with diverse challenges. 

Enjoyable Experiences Here


Pros: great fairways and greens, very friendly staff, relaxed atmosphere, beautiful scenery, good food

Cons: small pro shop, sprinklers

this is a great and relaxing course to play if you're in the area. The greens are well kept and the fairways are no different. It has a fairly challenging design and rewards smart course management. While you're here, you're not concerned with much other than the golf experience. People are friendly from the moment you walk in the door to the course to the bar. Food is great and you leave feeling like you would like to come back and have another relaxed outing the following day if you could. I've golfed here twice this summer... and next year I will probably make a much more regular habit of it. 

A little pricey for the experience


Pros: decent course, nice views

Cons: too many course cops, rushed pace of play, no turn, too many inconveniences for price, wack "practice" range

This is a course that wants to be more than it is. Its professionally maintained, with a courteous staff for the most part, and beautiful scenery, but that's where the compliments end. Some of the more obnoxious aspects of my trip there were the fact that the entire 18 holes is separate from the pro shop and any form of food and refreshment save the beer chick. So there really is no "turn", and its a hell of a long cart drive to get back to the main facilities.  More obnoxious than that is the tons of pace police patrolling all over everywhere. Kinda hard to enjoy when you're more concerned about keeping their strict standards of pace of play than the shot/hole at hand. Lastly,...
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TheSandTrap.com › divot dave › Reviews by divot dave