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I love these irons.


Pros: Easy to hit, quite pretty

Cons: none

I own the Burner Plus irons in 4-AW.  They replaced the irons in my original starter set of "Walmart Specials" They were Dunlops.....maybe? I could never hit anything longer than the 6 iron in that set.  The ball seems to jump off of these in comparison.  The 4 actually leaves the ground and goes long and straight.  All others I hit longer, higher, straighter, and with much more consistency the previous set.  The forgiveness in these clubs, along with my increased confidence in my ability to hit them well, has taken 10 strokes off my game.  I don't see myself replacing them anytime soon, and when I do, it will most likely be whatever GI irons Taylormade is...
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TheSandTrap.com › Sonny217 › Reviews by Sonny217