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tight old course


Pros: short-good greens

Cons: tight fairways-small greens- elevated greens- spotty fairways

I have been playing at this course for many years it was my home course for my High school. It is a very old course built in the early 1900,s and that would be obvious to anyone who played there by the design features. Tight fairways Small Greens  elevated Greens Short The course can be played more conservatively than many other modern courses you can get away with less than driver on allot of holes that doesn't make it an easy course though for it makes up for being short.   Memorable hole  3rd The third hole is a long par 4 still reachable with a long iron at least in most cases but with an elevated green and no where to bail out by the green make it a...
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Solid wedge


Pros: Solid Feel-good spin

Cons: finish wears of

I got this club for Christmas (60 degree) it has a very solid feel good out of bunkers, rough and sand the only con I would mention is the finish has a tendency to wear off.

Solid Fairway


Pros: easy to hit-forgiving-light weight

Cons: plain looking

I got this fairway for Christmas a couple of years ago and it has been in my bag ever since. The club replaced an old knight five wood I had I definitely gained some significant yardage with it around (20-25 yards) Overall a solid club at a cheap price great for any beginner or someone looking for a cheap replacement

Hot Driver


Pros: easy to hit-slight draw bias-good looking

Cons: mis hits go all over

This replaced the first driver I ever got which was a Lynx Predator which was alright for my skill level but as I started to improve I also wanted to improve my equipment.   This driver is long of the tee I gained at least 15 yards over my old Lynx  The driver has a slight draw bias which helps those who have battled a slice a little bit  If you over swing it will go into the trees like any driver 
TheSandTrap.com › scottothegreat › Reviews by scottothegreat