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Bidwell Park Better Than 'The Old Days"


Pros: Challenging, great scenery

Cons: No driving range

  Back in 1986, when I was a student at Chico State University and had just taken up the game, the Bidwell Park course was the very definition of "combat golf."   Just about every hole, it seemed, ran either due east or due west. The fairways were immediately adjacent to each other, separated only by rows of mostly low-topped trees – if even that. It was common for an extremely misguided shot to end up two fairways over from where it should've been (I might've hit such a shot once or twice myself) and you'd never go more than about 10 minutes without hearing someone in your vicinity yell "Fore!"   Today, Bidwell is a much better – and safer – place to play. A...
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TheSandTrap.com › ditchparrot19 › Reviews by ditchparrot19