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Really like the course. Played from the blue (second from the tips 70.5/123)


Pros: Really great condition and fast challenging greens (9.5 to 10)

Cons: Hitting greens is very challenging depending upon the pin locations. I went when they were on particularly narrow parts of the green

At first I thought the elevated tees were kind of gimmicky, but as I played on I realized that they put accuracy of your tee shots at a premium. Those that drive straight are rewarded with"300" yard drives. Not really, but you are left with 70-80 yard shots on many of the holes on the front 9. The back has really sloping fairways, that is they slope left to right in an extreme fashion.   So, I made an easy par on the first hole driver/6i/7i and figured it was going to be a piece of cake. Then I get to this par 3 hole from hell. It's only 155 yards from the tees I played and slightly uphill, so I hit a 7i left past the hole bouncing off the peak of the cart path OB. To hit right on...
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Very nice course right in the middle of Irvine.


Pros: Nice course, enjoyed the views and the layout

Cons: Lots of standing water. The water itself does have slightly unpleasant odor. Stay away from it.

This was a nice course. We started playing in the dark and they gave us complementary glow balls. The layout was very nice, and there are two challenging holes on the front 9 near water. One hole had water on the left and right that was in play from the downhill tee shot. Be careful playing those two holes.   The back 9 was a "bumpy" course with lots of challenges in the lie. If your tee shot ended up on a bump it could be a little challenging. There is no water really in play as long as you aim away from it. There is one hole that doglegs extremely to the left, and I recommend a long iron or hybrid to tee off that one. The approach shot is still reasonable.   Fun course.

Very nice and challenging course.


Pros: Jack Nicklaus designed course.

Cons: Windy and hard greens, and a little bit on the expensive side.

This is a really nice course. I really enjoyed playing in the professionally maintained course. The greens were difficult to hold if you are not a decent golfer.   I played twilight because the standard course rates are very high. Expensive, but worth it even if I played for the standard price. The course is integrated nicely into the natural habitat, and has a beautiful mountain background.   If you are a low teen or single digit player, this course is incredibly fun.

Great course for the family.


Pros: Friendly and family oriented environment, in a nice mountain setting.

Cons: Slow pace of play on the weekends.

This is a great course and is the home of may First Tee league and team events for some local high schools. The practice facility is all grass, and if you need to hone your irons this is the place you can do it.   The pace of play is somewhat slow, but a 9 hole round can always be completed in about 2:30. If the course is empty walking it in under 1:00 is possible. Not a long course, but it does have a 508 yard par 5 finishing hole. It is a narrow course, so make sure you are reasonably accurate off the tee. The first hole is a long 440+ yard par 4, and if the wind is against you can be challenging even though it is the wides hole. The second hole is a longer par 3, and has a tree...
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Great for intermediate golfers.


Pros: Nice hilly course, and beautiful views of the mountains.

Cons: Gophers. Longer hitters will not be able to use their drivers unless the course is empty.

If you are going there for a fun and short weekend round, you can usually finish up on 2 hours or less depending upon how many golfers are playing.   My kids and I used to play this course once a week. It was near their school at the time. I enjoy the course, although it is somewhat short. The 1st and 4th holes have blind downhill shots, and from the blue tees you need to make sure no one is in the landing areas.

Nice course, well designed and fun.


Pros: Near Boston, holes are designed for the typical golfer and make for an enjoyable game.

Cons: Not too easy to get to, and lots of poisin ivy and sumac

This is a very nice course designed in the 1900 time frame. One of my partners shared some history with us. The course was actually designed in 1890, but did not get built until 1900. They were renovating the club house, which is a Tudor style building. The pro shop was professional and very friendly. The obstacles and elevation changes were very enjoyable. The greens are in great condition and ran about 9 the day I played.   It is literally a goat track. They hired a bunch of goats to eat up the poison ivy and sumac. Unfortunately, they did not get all of it at the time I played there.   Not a long course, but very challenging and fun.

Nice Course


Pros: Nice scenery and a beatiful setting. You can challenge yourself to a 7100 yard course or a 5700 yard one. There is a tee box for everyone.

Cons: Very Busy, maybe too busy at times. They sometimes use parts of the course as a parking lot for large UCLA/USC events.

Brookside is a public course that contains has two competitive tracks. Koiner is a long and challenging track where lots of tournaments are held. E O Nay is a shorter but narrower track for those who want to challenge their short games with lots of elevated greens.   The scenery is beautiful and restful. It is a great place to go and have a nice challenging round in a relaxing setting in a little valley called the Arroyo.   The courses are laid out nicely, so that golfers don't interfere with each. Each hole has a challenge that makes it fun and interesting. Many local high schools hold their competitions at these tracks. The large team of groundskeepers keep the place...
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Very solid club.


Pros: Easy to hit for mid to high handicaps

Cons: Not confirmed, but I watched two video reviews from pros that lost 10 yards out of 260 carry versus the Bio cell plus

The feel is nice and heavy compared to many other clubs I recently tested. It is designed for the mid to high handicap in mind, and I think it lives up to the reputation. Overall, the club feels nice and solid in my hands. I tested both the 5.5 and the 6.0 shafts at a couple loft angles. The club feels very nice at address, although I tend to need to align it 1/4" inside the King Cobra alignment mark, the toe is aligned more with the ball. Both shafts seemed to perform very well. I tested the 5.5 in the simulator and did some field tests with the 6.0 shaft. One thing that annoyed me at first is the slight draw bias, but as I got tired the draw bias helped me stay straight on the range. I...
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Does what is advertised.


Pros: Lots of spin and cofidence around the greens, very durable.

Cons: Not for short hitters.

I was just recently given the opportunity to test the Bridgestone B330-S balls, and took 3 of them with me to a local par 3 course 3 times and used them for a 13 hole round.   The performance is exactly as advertised, my feeling is that they were fitted too aggressively for me due to the fact that the current balls I use are a so called "distance" ball. They should change the BFit to include mainly swing speed. I think these balls are fit for someone with a 110 swing speed.   Even with a slow swing speed, these babies really perform on the course. I am even thinking of taking them to the course, tomorrow at Goose Creek. I like the softer feel on the approach shots less than...
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The trainer is deceptively helpful.


Pros: Easy to use, helps with timing.

Cons: You need to have a proper swing before using it.

When I first got this trainer three months ago, I could not take advantage of it. Now that I am learning to use a proper swing, it helps me with my timing. It forces you to use your hips more and gives you a good feel when you get the timing correct. The only con is that the shaft is not flexible enough and it stops abruptly after the follow through. It is a little hard on the wrists when set below 5. I warm up as recommended using a setting in the 9 or above, and gradually move down the graduations. Currently, I can comfortably make it click at 5. This is the setting on the speed dial. Even at the lower speed settings you can do half swings and get the timing down there as well. The...
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