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A new twist to keeping up flexibility


Pros: Simple, easy and effective

Cons: No obvious

I volunteered to review the Golflexx a few weeks ago.  Within a couple of days I received it in the mail, but was unfortunately out of town and on the road for quite a while after that.  I've FINALLY had a chance to utilize the Golflexx Stretching & Training Aid and will share my opinion now:   First, some background on me-  I'm a middle aged athlete that works in an office in a chair most of the time.  I run 5K's and Half Marathons with some regularity and try to work out with free weights two or three days a week.  I very much need to stretch and have a routine that I've used for some time.  When I saw this product it certainly intrigued me,...
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TheSandTrap.com › roperdad › Reviews by roperdad