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Decent Putter, But Does Not Meet Marketing Expectations


Pros: Forgiving, Decent Value, Good Looks

Cons: Slick Grip, Had Difficulty Squaring the Clubface, Where's the Technology?

Bridgestone True Balance TD-02 Putter     The True Balance Putter is Bridgestone Golf's first entry in the putter market. The concept of the putter is simple: Bridgestone added weight to the head while removing it from the shaft and grip of the putter to keep the balance point of the putter within five inches from it's sole to create their "True Balance" feel. They claim that the design will give players better feel for the putter head, which gives the following benefits:   Quote: Balance point less than 5" from sole provides incredible feel and connection to the putter head improving speed and distance control Naturally "gates" through the stroke and squares...
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TheSandTrap.com › billchao › Reviews by billchao