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Reviews by: Fromthecoast

I keep coming back to this one


Pros: Very very forgiving.

Cons: Sound at impact

This driver has a ton of forgiveness. Heel hits that would put you in the rough to the left still fly and roll a good way. The same hits with other drivers would leave me short and left of the fairway still get me in the good grass on the left side of the fairway. I had to hit several other drivers to realize how forgiving this one is. The adjustability is not advertised to be used for changing lofts, but it does. I have the HL version which comes standard at 13* and you can go up to 15* or down to 11* per the instructions. Let's be honest, most people should really be playing higher loft.   The sound of this club is odd and can put you off a little bit but the adjustability and...
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TheSandTrap.com › Fromthecoast › Reviews by Fromthecoast