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Pros: compact, multiple positions, small, durable

Cons: none so far

My first reaction when I opened the pouch my Torc Swing trainer came in was " this doesn't weight enough" However As soon as I put it on the end of my Driver and took a few practice swings that quickly changed. I was very pleased with how it felt weighted and secure to the shaft. The concept is genius and simple, something that really stood out from the start. After a few practice swings I felt much looser and ready to start whacking away. Versus my regular warm up with out the trainer. The results were immediate, instead of my first couple of strokes being a swing and pray I felt close to how I do after playing the first few holes. Needless to say it gave me vast improvement to the start...
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TheSandTrap.com › avmcdevildog › Reviews by avmcdevildog