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Swingbyte 2 is heading in the right direction


Pros: Better design addressing previous flaws, aesthetically more pleasing, charging port protected, sturdier, AWESOME tech support

Cons: No SWB2 software for Android, still not resistant to high impact, ships directly from China, bluetooth issues persist, poor sighted golfers cant align

SwingByte 2 takes a major leap in addressing aesthetics and stability issues to get this device on the right path. As an early adopter, I eagerly awaited what could be the breakout swing aid of the year. Note that I am an owner of the SwingByte 1 device which was hampered by the hardware of the device.   First things first, this beautiful little device arrived in a nice package with no documentation directly from China (I pre-ordered). After my unboxing, a cursory check indicated some major changes to include: Encapsulated grooves to fit your club into An tabular latched system complete with a spring-loaded locking mechanism (more on the locking mechanism...
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TheSandTrap.com › tstrike34 › Reviews by tstrike34