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Can Be Compared With The Pro V1


Pros: Cost, Great spin around the green, Distance, and Feel

Cons: I have Nothing

These balls for me compare to the new generation Pro V1's. I love the feel and the distance that comes along with it. Also, the ball generates a lot of spin around the green. And the for the cost of this golf ball I could almost get two dozen for the price of a dozen Pro V1's. I love the ball and have been playing with it since last December. I discovered the ball through using the Q-Star. The Q-Star is no where even close to this ball. Absolutely Love it!!

Previous Review is Perfect


Pros: Great Roll, Balanced, Forgiving, Cheaper Now

Cons: Have to get used to the Backstryke line-up position

Love the putter, it has great roll, its balanced throughout the stroke, and is forgiving from left to right on the face. It does take some getting used to, but once your used to it get ready to sink some putts. If you want to learn more just read the review above^^^.

Quality Golf Balls For Amateurs


Pros: No Spin Off the Driver, Moderate Spin With Low Irons and Wedges, Soft For a Two-Piece Ball, Long Lasting, Cheap

Cons: If you don't hit it correctly with shorts chips the ball will run

The Q-star is designed for amateurs with 80+ mph swings. Although I swing at a speed of 92-97 mph I didn't wanted to go with Q-Star instead of the Z-Star because I have never used a Srixon ball before. But the ball never disappointed me. The ball was very durable, cheaper than the Titleist balls, and I split the fairways with this ball. I liked the ball because I could bend the ball when I wanted, and had forgiveness when i needed it, when I get that good old slice going. The ball does spin more than I thought it would for a two piece ball, but it will run out if you don't get enough spin on the shorter chips. Overall a very good ball especially for amateurs.

Best Instructional Book Out There


Pros: Images to Describe the Fundamentals, Detailed Images, Quick Read, Easy to Follow,

Cons: One Picture is Over Exaggerated

With images to describe the swing, grip, hip rotation, back swing, etc. it is very easy to follow. Along with these detailed images comes the in depth describing of how to swing, hold the grip, etc. This book has everything a person needs to know about the fundamentals of golf. The book is a quick read and is worth buying. I bough this book seven months ago, this is also how long I have been playing. But I have already got the fundamentals down that a true golfer needs to have on his/her grip and swing. I have already, in seven months, made the golf team in my school, and have been told that I have very good mechanics in my swing and grip by the coach. This is a book that every golfer...
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Hidden Gem


Pros: Well Maintained Greens, Fairways, and Practice Facilities

Cons: Sarcastic staff behind the desk

Worth a look at, well priced and great facilities. These also include well kept greens and fairways. The course has an old feel to it with narrow fairways and fast greens. Elevated slopes make for some interesting lies and shots. Overall a great course for the price.

Worth a Look


Pros: Distance, Reduced Spin of the Clubs, Feel, Price

Cons: Minimal Spin Around the Green

I was looking at this ball for some time. I chose it over the Pro VX1 because of the price range. And man-o-man did I make a good choice. I got these balls off of lostgolfballs.com, for 15 dollars + shipping and handling. These balls reduce shanks and fades, while adding distance. No feel is lost on the putting green, but comes of the wedges with little spin. The ball does get scuffed up a bit easily,but overall worth a look.

Quality Putter for the Price


Pros: Price, Feel, Value

Cons: The Ball Holder on the Bottom Doesn't Work after a Few Times

Awesome putter, Feels great, looks great, putts great, and you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars to use it!! Worth looking at.
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