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Soft Ball

I've played three rounds with the B330.  I wanted to like the ball, but it just isn't a good fit for me.  I typically play either a NXT Tour or Pro-V1, so I can't help but compare this ball to my norm.   The B330 did not spin or check for me on pitches and chips.  I like to pitch and chip with backspin rather than allowing the ball to roll forward.  I couldn't achieve my usual control with the B330.  I tried hitting consecutive shots with the B330 and a Pro-V1, and the Pro-V1 far outperformed.   Off the tee, there was no spin of note.  Ball flight was low to mid, which is preferred.  This is certainly not a distance ball.  Even on my...
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TheSandTrap.com › spentmiles › Reviews by spentmiles