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Decent ball with little spin off drives, does well on most


Pros: Less spin off drives

Cons: Ball skids off on harder suface when hit at lower trajectory

My review is for B330 RX.  I have used B300 RX ball before.   As I remember, the balls went long with medium trajectory, and did everything fairly well.  I loved it.  If I didn't like B6 more, this would be the ball of my choice from Bridgestone.   So, my expectation of the latest B300 RX was high going into review.   The box came with an insert that described the ball as having less spin (achieved by having thinner cover).   It didn't disappoint me.  The ball seems to go straight off tee more than my usual.  I saw less side movement for my ball flights.   Not bad.  It also kept its medium trajectory from its...
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TheSandTrap.com › rkim291968 › Reviews by rkim291968