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When you hit it, you HIT it


Pros: Sound, Distance,

Cons: Control-ability,

I bought this driver a few weeks ago, and while I still am figuring it out, overall I am very pleased.. I am hitting the ball farther than I ever had with any other driver, and the distance I am able to get from this driver is really a pro.. Occasionally I have had a difficult time controlling the driver,  but I feel that is just my swing and me adjusting to the driver.  Another thing that (although minor) that slightly bothered me was the appearance of the driver when looking down at it from the tee.  It is a solid gray on the top of the head, and while this is a small thing a little color wouldn't have been too bad.. Performance wise though, 4/5 stars.
TheSandTrap.com › islandersfan1 › Reviews by islandersfan1