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SOLID, great all around ball


Pros: Nice flight, nice off the putter, good distance, very durable

Cons: Pricey,more expensive than my normal gamer

When I was picked to test these balls out I was elated.  I have only one experience with Bridgestone balls and that was the 2010 e-5.  I was definitely dissatisfied with those balls.  Felt like hitting rocks.  I was quite pleasantly surprised with the new Tour B330RX.   I will break this down to 5 different categories: Distance, Spin, Putting, Durability and Overall Feelings.     A little background on me.  I am about a 20 handicap, shoot mid 90's but can score as low as mid 80's or up to 110.  My swing speed with driver is about 98-100.  My normal gamer is a Callaway Chrome +.   Distance:  I think that...
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TheSandTrap.com › jdb1911 › Reviews by jdb1911